We are sisters with a passion for the great outdoors and have lived on the south west side of Sheffield on the Peak District border all our lives . We regularly walk our dogs and feel very privileged to live in such a beautiful location .

Helen is a Head teacher at a local Nursery  and Infant  school ,  and sees  first-hand the  issues  that  affect  young  children.  Their  health  and  fitness  are  so  important  in  facilitating  access  to  the  wonderful  place  in  which  they  live.

Kathryn is an Interior Designer and Architectural Technologist with both a passion for the great outdoors and for art.

We decided to combine our skills and passions to create the Little Urban Fox and Friends . This is a series of books and guides to encourage families to visit and explore the many interesting places in and around the Sheffield and surrounding areas .

In book one he explores his surroundings for the first time looking for his mother and making new friends on his travels .  The book  tells  of  his  adventures  in  Endcliffe  Park.

The little fox meets lots of animals who help him in his search as well as meeting the statues and memorials in the park. He talks to the Toad ,  the labour man and mother as well as Queen Victoria on the monument near the entrance to the park.

The Little Fox also learns about the industrial heritage along the river Porter when he visits Shepherd Wheel.

One of the main sections is about the Mi Amigo memorial where the little fox learns about the bravery of Lt John Kriegshauser and his men.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the aircrash where the 10 US airmen sacrificed their lives near the end of World War 2 to save the lives of people in the nearby houses and the children playing in the park.

It has now been confirmed that to mark the day the US Air Force will carry out a fly-past on the anniversary on 22nd February.

Crews will set off in an F-15 fighter jet from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, home to the largest US Air Force camp in the UK.

US and UK aircraft including Ospreys, Typhoons and a Dakota will also take part.

Through  the  Little Urban Fox and Friends story  books children  are  encouraged  to  go  and  find  the  different  things  that  the  little  fox  encounters.  At  the  end  of  the  story  there  is  a  section  giving  more  historical  information as well as a guide map showing the locations of interesting places that the little fox  and friends visit.

We  have  planned  many  stories  about  other  local  places  for  children  to  visit . Our aim is to encourage families to  put  aside  the  computer  games  & TV and to adventure outside .

The Little Urban Fox is out roaming and will  be visiting the Botanical Gardens and the Peak Park very soon. 

Our  hope  is  that  these  books  help  to  get  more  children  outside,  actively  engaging  in  the  environment  .  They will  learn  more  about  the  place  in  which  they  live and visit.