Series 1, Book 2 – Little Urban Fox Explores Botanical Gardens

Published June 2019 – Little Urban Fox explores Botanical Gardens .

The Little Fox goes looking for his brother Stumpy and eventually finds him in The Botanical Gardens. You can follow his adventures through the gardens, and find out how his brother Stumpy lost his tail, as well as meeting lots of new friends and learning all about the history of the gardens.

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The Little Fox wakes up in Shepherd Wheel and decides he would like some company to go out on his adventures. Madam Spider suggests he goes and looks for one of his brothers , so off he heads back to the den under the old oak tree in Endcliffe Park. When he arrives the den is empty but mother mouse tells him she has seen a red fox without a tail go off toward the Mill pond.

‘That’s my brother Stumpy’ replies the Little Fox and of he goes on his adventures to find his brother.

Join him as he Explores the Botanical Gardens and learn all about the history of the garden from the Bear pit to the Paxton Pavillions and see if he finds his brother to ask him how he lost his tail.

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Full set of series 1 books £20.00 – Endcliffe Park, Botanical Gardens & Longshaw and Padley Gorge

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Botanical Gardens
Mill Pond
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